Words are so lovely.

Words give people a way to express their doubts, worries, positivity, fears, happiness, love. Words give people something to hold on to. Words give people life. As you inhale you feel, as you exhale, the words that tumble out help you feel relief. How magical words really are is what astonishes me. Do you ever sit and just search for good poems or quotes? But you don’t want the typical “shoot for the moon” bullshit. You want words that encompass your heart, that make it hurt just a little to where you know you’ll never be the same once you read those words. Do you get so involved in searching for more and more good quotes that your brain is just firing off thoughts or memories, and you end up just a mess after finishing? You know that other cliché saying about “sticks and stones”? How can someone say words will not hurt them? Words are so very powerful. We may want to believe that they won’t hurt us, but they do. Sometimes in very dark, hurtful ways. And other times it hurts so good (okay John Mellencamp I finally get your song). I think words have the ability to hurt someone or heal someone. And not only do we give the words power by letting them affect us, but they already hold so much power of their own.

This morning while doing one of my favorite past times (reading quotes on Pinterest), I found a couple quotes that really stuck out to me or made me “feel”. My favorite kind obviously. And my heart did that thing where it yearns for something I don’t even know how to explain. I’m not missing anything. I have everything I could want and a lot going for me. But I start thinking about my purpose. Am I here on Earth to just settle for things? Am I here to just go through the motion every day without a sense of a purpose? Without passion for life? I feel it in my bones every day the urge to be great, to be passionate about what I love. And the few things I really love is writing, makeup and helping people. I feel strongly that my purpose in life is to write because I was given this beautiful gift of being able to explain *almost* exactly how I am feeling or how things make me feel with words. I was given this ability to sympathize with people and understand how they feel. I always tell people that I feel too much. It’s like I could be standing 6 feet away from someone who is hurting, a stranger, and I would feel their hurt in waves as if they were my own. I am so in tune with people, it scares me. Because it’s so mentally draining. And I can’t simply shut that off. When I was younger I always thought of that ability as a grudge. However, as I have gotten older I have realized how useful it is. I LOVE helping people. I love being able to relate to others and make sure they feel like they aren’t alone and have someone who genuinely cares about their well-being. And that is my purpose. My purpose is to always be myself, unapologetically. To keep feeling even when it hurts. To help others any chance I get. And to continue to pursue things that make my soul happy. That feed me mentally and spiritually. Because THAT is what leaves me feeling satisfied and genuinely happy with myself at the end of the day.

Have you thought about what your purpose might be in this world?


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