Makeup & Skincare; May

Here is a compiled list of things I use every week, skincare wise and makeup! As my favorites change, I will make more posts on things you MUST try!!



I use this literally every day, its gentle on the skin and a good basic cleanser for ANYONE. Seriously, all the salicylic acid and acne washes just make my skin worse and never help when I do breakout.
This is my ALL time favorite perfume, it smells amazing and it’s not too heavy. If you for some crazy reason have never heard of this, BUY IT NOW. (it’s worth the price)
I recently just purchased this and it’s so cool to use! Weirdly, there are no instructions on how to use it so I suggest starting with a clean, dry face and applying two pumps to your face in circular motions. Your skin literally starts to “peel off” and removes dead skin for a serious glow!!
This goes hand in hand with the liquid peel, I only use it at night and it helps bring back illumination to my face and it’s not greasy at all. It’s more of a gel consistency and it rocks!!
Okay so this is my “splurge” item, it’s kind of pricey for such a small jar but it smells like vacation and it really brings hydration back to your face. I usually will put it on in the winter when my skin gets a little dry and even in the summer when I have been in the sun too much. You basically can just slap this on at night and wake up feeling hydrated in the morning (no wash off necessary)!
This is my all time favorite lotion. It’s actually hydrating (recently some lotions have had me feeling more dry) and it smells like coconuts so there is obviously nothing better, even Stephen loves this lotion and uses it every night! (They also are having a sale at Body Shop, 30% off their favorite items and free shipping so go check it out!!) (Oh, and cute Mother’s Day gift sets that your mom will LOVE)
Spot TreatmentEradikate Acne Treatment
LOVE this spot treatment because you can put it on throughout the day or just dab it on your pimples at night and they visibly go down/away within a day or two (stubborn ones take longer sometimes).





No, I didn’t join the party train late, I have had this for quite a while now but I just love it SO much and the colors are gorgeous! The pink/red colors (Venetian Red & Love Letter) are my favorites in the palette as well as the golden shimmery color (Primavera). If you haven’t bought this palette, do it!! It will step up your eyeshadow game!
What’s your favorite products? Is there something you think I MUST try? Comment below! I’d love to hear about them, I am always looking for new things to buy (duh).

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