The Past

I’m not sure when people got scared of sharing the past, or how it always ends up seeming like a bad thing, but I’ve always loved sharing mine. I have a good story. And I don’t mean “good” as in my life has always been extremely pleasant and I lived in some perfect world. I just mean, my past experiences and lessons learned have shaped me into someone I am proud of being. Without those tribulations, I wouldn’t be half of who I am today. I wouldn’t have half of the tools I need to overcome issues in my life or know the right answers to problems I face.

For some reason though, there’s a stigma with not sharing yourself too much or not looking at the past at all, for fear of holding yourself back. And I admit, sometimes I do get too wrapped up in past mistakes or things I have faced and get side tracked. But you also find out more about who you are and more importantly, looking back into the past and sharing what has happened to you, HELPS others. I can’t even tell you how many people I have talked to, shared my past with, and connected with them on some level and made them feel hope. Just by sharing things I have been through. What a powerful feeling it is, to know you made a difference to someone who was suffering or lost. I wish more people felt comfortable in sharing their personal issues. First off, it makes you feel better just getting it out in the open and not harboring all of your emotions within yourself. Secondly, it truly makes other people not feel so alone. No one thinks it is cool to be perfect. No one is jealous of a perfect person because a perfect person does not exist. EVER. Don’t argue with me about this (I don’t care how perfect you think your son or grandma or best friend is).

Now, I won’t publicly list all of my dirty laundry on the internet just for the sake of my sanity, but I will say I am the first person to admit I am no where close to being perfect. I am VERY sensitive despite my hard shell exterior of acting like nothing bothers me. I am very in tune with people’s emotions and tend to allow myself to take on how other people are feeling, which can be very damaging to my health sometimes, and I have made tons of mistakes in my life. But I do not regret one thing I have ever done. Besides maybe hurting someone unintentionally, I don’t just go out of my way to hurt people. And I want people that do ask me about my past to know I am the last person who could ever judge them and I am here with open arms and ears to listen to whatever you need to say. I will relate what I know to help and advise you if ask. Or I will sit there quietly and let you vent for hours on end if need be.

All I am asking is for everyone who is so scared of letting people truly know them, truly see their faults and their weaknesses… that you try to let that fear go. To open yourself up and be a friend to someone. To always remember there’s someone out there that could benefit from what YOU have gone through. Don’t let the past be some daunting, black cloud that follows you around everywhere. Instead, let your past shine through and bring other people up.


There’s a quote I read the other day that says:


“Do not be ashamed of the wars your soul has fought to save itself” – isra al-thibeh


I hope I gave you something to think about.





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