Wanderlust & Schwellenangst

I’m sure right now I have you hooked before even beginning to read this blog post because you’re wondering what the heck schwellenangst means and why that’s part of the title of my post.

Well, the definition in its true form means a fear of crossing a threshold in German. However, the deeper meaning to this word has people defining it as a fear of beginning a new journey or entering a new part of your life. Which I LOVE because who doesn’t have a fear of something unknown or something they are unsure of?

This past March after seeing some people visiting Thailand and hearing so many good things from so many people, I decided I really wanted to go visit. The main reason I wanted to go was because it was SO affordable to go there. The only “expensive part” was the plane ticket and even that wasn’t terrible if you are used to traveling a lot. I also thought long and hard about whether it not it was a safe place to go, with so many people warning you not to even travel out of the country, I worried about what I might deal with when going to a foreign country. But, after talking to several people who had been and doing research, I found it wasn’t that unsafe at all, especially if you stayed around the touristy areas. So, I started to research their seasons, the best beaches, what places everyone said I HAD to see. And started to butter up Stephen into wanting to go with me (which didn’t take much, haha).

When I told my family that I wanted to go, most of them laughed. They didn’t think I was serious and probably thought I was losing my mind. Thailand isn’t one of the places you hear much about when people in America talk about traveling (however its becoming more popular). They were concerned about my safety, lack of knowledge when it same to Thai language, and me going to a place they don’t know much about themselves. However, I had it in my head that I wanted to go. And when I get an idea, it’s hard to dissuade me from going with it. I LOVE experimenting, traveling, the idea of immersing yourself into someone else’s culture and lifestyle. I have always had this feeling deep in my bones that I would never be satisfied just living life safely, always comfortable. I have always tried to push myself, test my limits, pick up new hobbies, read new books, listen to other people’s life stories… all of these things made it even harder to ignore the fact that my soul was telling me I HAD to take that trip. So, I booked our plane tickets before anyone else could tell me I was making a mistake (I did hyperventilate a little after submitting my payment because then it became real) and began planning. I did stress out a bit about making sure our flight schedule was correct (changing time zones can be confusing and it’s a BIG difference for someone who has never flown more than 5 hours). My flight was close to 20 hours. And I also stressed about transportation and getting around the city of Bangkok, as well as the plane ride we would then take to Krabi, an island further south. But, it all worked out and I did make a mini itinerary to guide us along the way on what some people said to do or visit or eat. But for the most part, Stephen and I just went with the flow. We had a couple incidents along the way like booking a hotel that had barely working a/c (but I got refunded and we found a hotel nearby and closer to the beach that was 10x nicer for less money). However, it was one of the most exciting and relaxing vacations I have ever had because no one ran the show, we walked around and found things to do and I got to spend 10 days with the love of my life experiencing this new place with interesting, sweet people and discover amazing places along the way.

And with all this, I don’t think I am done traveling. I think it’s something Stephen and I will now make a habit of doing. Even if we don’t go halfway across the world again, we want to explore more places together and submerge ourselves into their way of life and discover new parts of Earth that we never could of dreamed up in our heads. I don’t believe that my soul will let me rest. It yearns for more experiences, more love, more laughter, more discoveries, more stories to tell. And I am so blessed to be able to do these things. If you save your money, and don’t always give into the things you want right away, you can always afford these trips. I work hard in order to be able to do things like this and I know other people do the same. So, I encourage, no…I URGE you to save up, research places, make your bucket lists and live your life the way you truly want. Because that’s the only way you to fulfill that deep yearning in your soul that pulls you towards the things you love.

Here are some pics of our amazing trip below: IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL THERE!!!


P.S- If you want more details about our trip, reach out to me! I’d love to share!




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