Word of the Year

I’ve seen a few people say they are doing a “word of the year” to live by in 2018 and at first I was like “ha, lame”. But as I thought about it, I really liked the idea. A word to keep you grounded throughout the year, something you want to work on or do. Something to keep you motivated and want to improve life. So I started to think about what was important to me, what words as I googled different ideas, that really resonated with me. And I finally picked one.

IMG_7026Flourish (v.) to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

I love this word because it reminds me of flowers and growth, growing roots and adapting to changes. This year I want to grow but not just grow without thought or a plan. I want to grow healthy like the definition says. I want to take healthy choices for my relationships, career, family, health, etc. I want to learn to be a better person and to grow and spread kindness everywhere I can. I want to encourage others to grow and prosper as well. I want to flourish in my personal life, my job, my faith, and my family. I want to be able to adapt quickly and plant roots for a stable foundation. And every time I start to question myself or what I am doing, I will remind myself of this word and help me stay grounded.

I also mentioned this to Stephen and he liked the idea too so I asked if he’d want to be a guest on my blog and pick a word to talk about that he wants to live by for 2018 and he chose dedication.


When I asked Stephen to explain why he chose this and to explain it he said: I want to be dedicated to my job and to learn more. I’m dedicated to going to school to advance in my job. I want to be a dedicated husband (swoon) to you. And I want to be dedicated to my family. I want the people I love to know they can count on me. And I want to dedicate my time to just improving my life in all aspects because there’s always room for growth.


So, what’s your Word of the Year if you have one? Or if you don’t, do you have any New Year Resolutions?

Here’s to a New Year!




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