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Gift Ideas for Your BFF’s

Two of my very best friends (who are twins) have a birthday January 7th, but they weren’t going to both be in town so I gave them their gifts early this year (which is better because I have been DYING to post how cute they are). So here are two gift boxes that are kind of similar but still different and all the details of where I got the items inside!


Boxes– I got these from Target, there was a pink and a white one so they both would have their own color box because when you’re a twin you get a lot of the exact same stuff and they deserve their own styles!

Olivia Care Body Salts– These are SOOO cute. I got them at Target also! The French Rose scent even has roses at the bottom and they both smell amazing.

Copper/ Marble Bottle Opener– I actually had this on my wedding registry and got one as a gift from my stepmom, and its just so pretty and goes with the theme of what I was going for so I bought them each one and threw them in the box!!

Sugarfina Rosé Gummies– This are probably my FAVORITE part of the gift boxes I put together for them. They are rose shaped gummies infused with Rosé. How much more cute can you get?! Both Lacey & Becca (twins) love wine, so I know they will think these are super cute too!

Birthday Cards– I got both of the twins’ birthday cards at Paper Source, they have the CUTEST cards and Becca looooves cats.

Mini Capri Blue Jar Candle– Probably one of my all time fave candle scent, in a super cute jar. The copper also matched the theme I had in my head, so I had to swipe them up at Anthropologie!

Mistral Classic Hand Cream– LOVE LOVE LOVE this hand cream. It’s pretty thick when you first put it on but it keeps your hands super soft and they all smell soooo good! I picked these up at Anthropologie as well!

Bath Bombs– I got these gorgeous bath bombs from Bath & Body Works, one of my favorite stores. They smell amazing and I just love how the packaging is and the detail of the colors.

Chap Stick, Facial Masks– I picked up a couple masks and a chap stick at Walmart because everyone could use some chap stick with this crazy weather and face masks are always a nice addition to a gift!

Jewelry (not pictured)- I love Sam Moon so last time I went I picked up two dainty necklaces and hoop earrings in rose gold and gold to go with their other gifts. I just forgot to take pictures! But they are super cute and can be worn with almost anything. If you have no idea what Sam Moon is, GOOO there. You won’t regret it.


Want more ideas, want to share your thoughts? Comment below!





2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Your BFF’s”

  1. I love this! I always do the same for birthdays and special events. I feel like a box filled with pampering things is the best gift a girl can get!

    Lovely read xx


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