January 2018 Favorites

Hey everyone! It’s been quite awhile since I did my favorites blog and a lot of my favorite things have changed so I’m here to share everything with y’all today! Look below for all the details!





Adidas Shoes– LOVE these shoes, so they are $64.99 at Rack Room Shoes, but when you buy two pairs, it lowers one to 50% off. Stephen and I went in there just to look but ended up buying him a pair of Sperry’s and these for me. So my shoes actually cost me like $32.00! Yay for sales!!

Rose Gold Dress– So I follow a lot of private groups for boutique clothing and saw a picture of this dress. Unfortunately I was too late to get it and they ran out of my size. Well, after reverse google imaging the picture she posted, I found other sites that had this dress and ended up finding it for like $25.00!! The only down side was it shipped from China and almost took 3 weeks to come to my house LOL.

Peach Sweater– I LOVE this peach color, and Spring is just around the corner and this is the perfect transition when it’s still a little cool outside but you want a pop of color. Plus it was only $29.00 and its soft af.

Victoria Secret Knockout Tights–  I have probably 10 pairs of leggings to workout in and I LOVE these. This style is probably my favorite, plus I love that they aren’t just “plain black” and have some mesh to make it look more chic.

Victoria Secret Sports Bra– This sports bra kind of matches the tights mentioned above and my favorite color is black, so it’s perfect. Plus it goes with any workout shirt/pant combo since it’s not flashy colors. And it has medium support!


Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion– Love this lotion because it is light and soaks up well. Plus, I just got a new tattoo and it helped it heal faster and not itch at all!

Glamglow Supermud Mask– So in my last favorites blog I did say this brand was amazing, I used the Thirstymud one that was good for hydration. Since then I have tried several others and I love this one. It is good for clearing the skin, so you can use it all over or as a spot treatment to make it last, because it is a little pricey at $69.00!

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator– This is AMAZING. Once a week I use this to exfoliate my face and really get my skin to look refreshed and bright. It’s not a super rough texture so it’s good for sensitive skin as well. Just take a small amount and rub it in circles over your face (gently). Then rinse!

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanser– Love this gentle cleanser. It removes your makeup and doesn’t break you out. Basically the best one I have used in a long time!

White Bath and Body Works Body Spray– Okay, so this sucks. They don’t seem to sell this anymore, must of been more for Winter scents. But Stephen’s mom and dad bought this for me for Christmas and it smells super fresh & clean. I love it. But basically every body spray they have is amazing because they are light and stay on throughout the day. So pick whatever one you want, it will be worth the buy!

AP24 Toothpaste– I bought this awhile back before my wedding and I really like how the taste isn’t strong. It’s a fresh mint flavor and it really does whiten your teeth. I know a couple people who sell this, so if you’re interested, contact me on social media and I can hook you up and that way you won’t have to pay shipping!


Hourglass Foundation Stick– This foundation stick is amazing. I have fairly oily skin and it doesn’t come off like I thought it would. After I swipe it all over my face and use a foundation brush to blend it out, I set it with a powder and it seriously looks like I just airbrushed my face. It’s the best foundation ever and not super cakey at all.

Morphe Brush– This brush is super affordable compared to other brands and it is PERFECT for bronzer. It’s tapered at the end and really blends out when I use it. Plus it’s rose gold, my absolute favorite. Definitely recommend this!

Becca Cosmetics Eye Lights Palette (Après Ski Collection)– This palette is now on sale for 50% off, which makes it $22.50. Then I signed up for their emails and got an additional 10% off I think, which then I only paid $18 and some change (I’m always about a good deal). I love these shimmery eye shadows. My favorites in this palette are moonstone and topaz.

Lash Stiletto Mascara– I’m not really into expensive mascara, I think they all basically work the same. And I love this one so much. I use Very Black and it’s perfect for every day wear.

Hair Care:

Shampoo & Conditioner– Living Proof Perfect Day is the best I have ever used. Recently, my hair has been more oily so it’s really helped me not have to wash it every day and really focus on my hair health. Plus it smells good.

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Spray– My hairstylist used this on me last time I went to get my hair done (shoutout to Olivia May at Studio 9). This stuff is amazing. It makes your hair look healthy and shiny. And it smells amazing too. I’m all about smells obviously. LOL.

Dry Shampoo– Living Proof Perfect Day for the win again!! This stuff smells great and leaves your hair feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s amazing for the days when you just don’t feel like washing your hair or go to the gym and need a quick way to make your hair look clean again.


And that’s all for now! I’m sure I’ll find more stuff in the next few months to share with y’all!

Until next time!




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