My Bedroom Details

Photo 1 ALLbed 2wall above bedshelfimages wall


Metal Bed Frame– My all time FAVORITE purchase yet. This bed is so pretty and I have been begging Stephen for a metal bed frame for forever now. It takes up a lot less room than our other bed did. It’s called dark bronze, and it really just compliments the whole vibe I have going in my room. Plus my great friend Martin is a partner in this store and helped me out by finding me a good deal. If you need a bed like this, reach out to him here.

Metal & Wooden Shelf– So I can’t find the exact color but I linked something pretty much the same. If you go now to At Home and the furniture section, you will find one like the one in my bedroom picture and it was only $109. Stephen actually picked this out himself and it goes really well with everything else we bought!

Nightstand/ End Tables– LOVE these, so I wanted something industrial/farmhouse looking but didn’t want to spend $90 on each stand. So Stephen & I took a trip over to Home Goods and he found these two night stands in the picture. They are actually nesting tables (they come in 3 sizes) and the best part is they were only $24.99! I did have some stuff in my other night stand drawer so to compensate for that, we bought wicker baskets to put under the tables. I can’t direct you to the exact link, but they had plenty of them out so go look for yourself! This page has something similar which I found in At Home.

Baskets for Under Tables– These I placed under the tables I bought to use as nightstands to store additional stuff since we didn’t get anything with actual drawers, I ended up really liking how it looked when I set everything up! And they were only $12.99!


Dog Bed– I got this dog bed for Hank at Academy, he loves it and it was only $19.99 plus it goes with the colors in our room. They always have an assortment of different sizes & colors of dog beds here!

Duvet Cover–  So originally in my wedding registry I wanted a different duvet cover, but when I got my gift cards and went to go purchase the one I wanted, I saw this duvet cover and liked how it wasn’t as feminine as the one I originally picked out. Plus it just looks cozy and I’m all about comfort. So, I got this Kenneth Cole Duvet in Grey. They keep going out of stock so hurry! Plus it’s on clearance for $149!!

Down Comforter– This is a nice comforter to put inside your duvet cover that won’t break the bank and it’s not overly warm so even in the summer you can use it. It’s actually on sale right now for $55.99, normally it’s $79.99.

Bamboo Sheets– I got these from the rodeo in a grey color last year, but I will link something similar. I’m obsessed with how soft and light they are so you don’t feel overly suffocated when you sleep with the sheets and the duvet cover. (I get super hot at night so cool sheets are a must)

Euro Pillows–  So these are the big square pillow, they are $19.99 a piece and then you have to get a pillowcase for them, I bought the matching grey color pillow cases from the Kenneth Cole Collection but they are out of stock now!

Standard Pillows– Love these pillows. Stephen got these when he was out shopping with his mom one day, I swear they are pillow pros. We have some random pillows bought from Walmart that we use on the bed too!

Plain White Pillow Cases– These are just plain, I got them in white to offset all of the grey and they are soft and do the job.

White Oblong Throw Pillow– LOVE this brand and this pillow helped break up all of the grey in the bedding, plus it’s super soft. Who doesn’t love a bunch of throw pillows?!

oblong white pillow

Green Square Throw Pillow– So they call this color tea green but with all the grey, it looks like a lighter washed out shade of grey. And it’s the Wamsutta brand and super soft like the one that’s white.

green pillow

Lamp Stands– These were at At Home for $24.99 a piece, I wanted to stay with the farmhouse theme and still have something that wasn’t all grey, I like how the distressed white is brought out in some areas.


Lamp Shades– I got these at At Home as well and they went perfectly with the lamp stands and I love the texture to them, plus they were only $14.99 a piece! STEAL.

Galvanized Metal Planters– LOVE these! I bought these and put them above my bed with cotton stems in them. Still going along with that industrial/farmhouse look. These were $14.99 a piece.

Cotton Stems– These went in the planters mentioned above. Right now they are only $3.49 per stem. I put 3 stems in each planter, and honestly you could even add more if you wanted!

Artificial Plants– TJ Maxx always has super cute artificial plants and I have found both the smaller ones for about $4.99 and the medium sized ones on the shelf for $12.99. I love that they go well with the interior of my room and that I don’t have to worry about accidentally killing them, because I most likely would if they were real. Whoops.


“S” Sign w/ Wreath– This company is at the Nutcracker Market every year and this year I bought this for our last initial to hang above our bed. It’s simple and so pretty when you hang it up. I want to say I paid $35 for it, but that might have been a special. I’d contact them and show them the picture above my bed to make sure they still do these.

“S” Wood Sign on Shelf– Stephen actually picked this out from At Home and instead of hanging it with the rope I placed it on the new shelf we bought and it looks super cute!

Moose Statue– Stephen and I got this in Winter Park during our elopement/honeymoon. We went into this little shop trying to find something to commemorate our wedding day and Stephen loved this statue so much. I will link where you can find it online.

Wedding Wall Pics– LOVE. LOVE. LOVE these. I found them on Instagram, found a code to use for 10% off and they were already on sale. I think for all of the pics, I paid $49. You get the app and upload the pictures you want to use and place your order. Then you just peel the back and stick them on the wall when they come in. It’s that easy. And you can peel them back off and it won’t take off your paint!

Boulangerie Candle– This candle is the Sweet Vanilla & Cinnamon scent from Anthropologie. It smells amazing. Sweet and spicy at the same time. It’s one of my favorites. Plus, my twins and second mom bought it for me so it’s make it that much more sweeter!

Jack Daniels Candle– This is Stephen’s FAVORITE candle. He loves it so much, he won’t even let me burn it LOL. It does make for a great decoration though!

Jim Beam Candle– Another candle Stephen won’t let me burn, haha. It smells decent but honestly we just use it for decoration with the Jack Daniels candle.

Hank’s Toy Bin– LOVE this basket. Seriously, it’s beautiful and the wicker is sturdy. I throw all of Hank’s toys, bandanas, collars, etc. in there. I might even buy another one to store throw pillows and stuff in. I got it for $39.99 at the Container Store and used a 10% off coupon. Also, just a warning, if you don’t want to spend $200 or more dollars when you go, leave your cards at home and only bring cash for what you want. Because it’s an amazing store that will make you want to buy literally everything.

Weaved Basket hank toys

Knit Blanket (not pictured on bed because I just ordered)- This is going to look so cute on the bed with everything else we already have! I’ve been looking for a knit blanket and finally found one I liked. It’s 49.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond!

throw blanket


Cross on Shelf- My cousin Lauren and her husband Jake actually made this for us and I love it! Having creative family members pays off 😉

Antlers- I honestly have no idea where I got these from but I have had them for a long time. Sorry guys!

Have any more questions? Want me to help you decorate? Comment below or contact me on my social media!




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