So, the dreaded eye doctor appointment was this month. I honestly hate going just because my vision tends to get a little worse each time I go there, lol. I usually only wear contacts so I have to pay for my yearly appointment plus a “contact exam”, go figure. And if that’s not already pricey, my contacts are $140 for 6 months. When I used to say I wanted to grow up, I was LYING, being a grown up is expensive. This year, my eye doctor also told me that I should wear glasses more to give my eyes rest and allow oxygen to get to them, so I was needing to buy glasses as well. Well after almost spending $300 at the eye doctor, spending $300 more for glasses made me want to vomit. So, I remembered this picture of glasses I saw on Instagram and went to my saved posts, because any time I see something I love, I save it. The glasses I saved linked to a website called Eye Buy Direct. Let me just tell you, they have some SUPER cute glasses and they are all very affordable. So I asked my eye doctor for my prescription and I entered it all myself into their online profile I created for myself and started to shop different frames. It was super easy to set up and easy to put my prescription in without much hassle. I also found out through Unidays, if you are a student they offer 20% off your purchase AND free shipping (score!!). So you sign up for Unidays, where you can actually get discounts on a TON of different stores, and they give you a code for Eye Buy Direct and you enter it in the promo code section of the checkout after you pick your glasses. I ended up spending $46 total for my glasses. You can buy the glasses for distance, reading, multifocal, or even non prescription for fashion use. You can also add a prism if you have one, which I do. It costs $19 more but hey, I need it, so whatever. You can also get the lenses tinted, light adjusting, clear or for digital screen protection. For $6.95 more you can add anti-glare on your lenses as well which I recommend. So for my to get my prism and anti-glare plus the frames, it cost me $46!!! Like what?!

Need help or advice on how to put in your prescription details or other questions, reach out to me on Facebook here.


Here are a few of my FAVE frames:











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