Olivia May | The Velvet Underground Salon| Lipstick & Whine

Hey everyone! So, I did a thing yesterday. I let my hairstylist that I have used for about 3 years now do my hair HOWEVER she wanted. And if you know me, this is a big deal. In high school, someone bleached my hair twice and then box dyed it (& they had a cosmetologist license). My hair result was basically a longhorn orange color. It was SO ugly. I still paid the girl because I was in shock and then went home and cried for like 5 hours. Then I went to school the next day and my stepmom Hayley made an appointment for me to get my hair fixed because she felt so bad for me. That day, she even pulled me out of school early to go to my appointment after I wore my hair in my hooded jacket. It took several hours, several treatments, a light color and cutting off over half my hair to save it. It was a miracle it didn’t all fall out. I was DEVASTATED. I had just gotten my hair super long and had to start all over plus my hair was still not all the way normal, but a very yellow color. It was still better than orange though. Here’s a pic of me back in the day after that horrible experience.


NO LAUGHING!!! Okay, I laughed too. Do you see how short it was and how yellow? Ugh makes my stomach hurt.

Anyways, fast forward to a few years later and I find the angel that is Olivia May. She literally is a hair goddess. Plus, she owns her own amazing salon called The Velvet Underground Salon! Every time she has done my hair she has made it look flawless. I am not an easy client because I like to go back and forth between being blonde and brunette. BUT she takes it in stride and always makes my hair look AMAZING. She has never cut my hair too short and made me cry like many others have. And she just works absolute magic. I am in awe of her talent as a hairstylist. But I am even more in awe of her heart and the person she is. Every time I go into her salon, it’s like catching up with my best friend. She knows everything about me and always asks how everyone in my life is doing. We talk about her life and her accomplishments and how my work is going. She’s just SO personable and SO sweet. If you have been looking for an amazing stylist and someone who you can be comfortable with, book with her here and see for yourself!! Today when I went in, I basically told her to do whatever she wanted and gave her all of my trust. Here is my personal before and after pictures as well some of my fave pictures of the gorgeous hair she has done!

IMG_8184 IMG_8196

I waited so long to get my hair done. I am amazed at the transformation!! My before picture is just…yuck. That’s what happens when you procrastinate getting your hair done because you’re “busy”!


As you can see like I said above, she is just incredible. If you want to see more, follow her on Instagram or Facebook! (She also does amazing makeup and hair styling)!

Do you want more posts featuring people in the area or people I do business with whether its hair, nails, clothing boutiques, etc? Let me know!

Cheers to having flawless hair!




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