The Big Surprise…

So I haven’t written a blog post since March and some people might think I have been a little MIA. I haven’t really, I just got some news that I wanted to share and write about so much but couldn’t for a little bit of time. So now, I’m ready to share the big news with everyone!


We are P R E G N A N T! And we are so so excited to have a little one on the way this year! I actually found out at the end of March, before I even missed my period I felt like something was off. Two pregnancy tests later and BAM! I find out I’m pregnant. I was a little shocked but so so happy that I didn’t even stop to think about a cute way to tell Stephen, I just woke him up and immediately blurted it out. Haha.

I had to wait three super long weeks to check everything out with my OBGYN, let me tell you…those were the MOST stressful weeks of my life. I was a nervous wreck. You think about being a mom one day and how you think you know a lot about babies, but you really don’t know much about pregnancy at all unless you’ve been pregnant before. Cramps? I’d google why I was having cramps, afraid something was wrong (it’s actually totally normal to have some cramps). Not feeling sick when everyone else has? Why don’t I have any symptoms, is the baby not okay (why would anyone want to be sick…)? The only symptoms I really had were just being overly tired and only nauseous if I waited too long in between meals to eat. It was all irrational fears because I didn’t know what was going on with my body and I just wanted to make sure the baby was okay.

I didn’t fully feel like I could breathe until my first appointment in April. I was so worried they would come back and be like “you’re not pregnant”. I sat and sat and sat for them to come back and tell me the news on the urine sample. Finally, my doctor walked in and said “congratulations, you are due December 2nd”! I got to see my baby on the ultrasound that day (it was just a tiny blob) and he/she already had a strong heartbeat at 7 weeks! I’m not an overly emotional person on normal emotional things so I didn’t cry, but I was so amazed, I don’t think it felt real until after I went home and processed it all. By then, some of my family members knew but I announced to mostly close family and friends by 9 weeks. Now, I’m 10 almost 11 weeks and just went to my second appointment! I got my blood drawn for the gender as well, so I should know within a week and a half what the gender of our baby will be (crazy how technology is these days)!! I’ve already started a registry because hello…baby stuff is SO cute. Going into Buy Buy Baby gave me an anxiety attack though the first time, there are SO many things you don’t even realize you need and so many you don’t even need but they try to get you to buy. But I think we will handle this pregnancy super calmly, because we know God has us. And that’s what I keep reminding myself when I worry about the baby being okay. Everything will be just fine. Plus, Stephen and I are over the moon about this precious baby. I can’t wait to share my journey with you all as we start our lives into parenthood. But we are SO ready!






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