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Major’s Nursery

So, I have put this off for awhile because it’s taken me literally until today to feel like his nursery is complete. I have added and taken down so many things it’s ridiculous. But here is the final outcome of Major’s nursery and I’ll leave ALLLLL the details below on where I got everything for his room!

Metal Crib: I LOVE this bed. I specifically wanted a metal crib when I started looking for them. I had searched everywhere for an “affordable” but still super cute crib and found it online here. It’s actually on sale for $159.99 right now!

Navy Knit Blanket: This was actually the first gift I got for Major from my best friends and their mom (basically my other mom). It goes perfect with the theme I was going for. I will link one similar though. $29.99

Grey Baby Bedding: This could honestly be for a girl or a boy. They also have it in white. It’s Pottery Barn Kids collection with West Elm and I’m all for it! Plus it’s so soft!! $79.00

Mattress: This crib has two stages; one for baby and one for toddler on the other side. It’s also made with foam and I loved how it felt so I got it while everything was on sale at Babies R Us for like $90, it’s $199.00 everywhere else now!

Vintage Baseball Sheets: I was VERY picky about my nursery them when it came to baseball. I LOVED the baseball theme itself but most nursery and kid sheets, bedding, decor was more immature looking than In really wanted. It looked like toy baseballs. I wanted more vintage themed baseball. So, I found these sheets. Unfortunately the don’t sell them in crib sheets, but my old cheer coach from high school sews and when I posted on Facebook to see if anyone could turn these sheets into crib sheets, she offered! They turned out AMAZING. She made me two crib sheets, two changing pad covers, washcloths, a multi purpose towel, and more with this fabric!! $69.00

Dock-A-Tot: I am obsessed with this marble dock-a-tot. It’s perfect for a boy or a girl and I read it was on almost every mom’s “must have” list, so you know I had to add it to mine too. This was gifted to me at my baby shower too!! $194.99

Also, you can barely see them, but I have a Sophie giraffe toy in the crib as well as a wubanub pacifier. LOVE both of these and can’t wait to use them.  $24.99, $13.99

Major Blanket: I picked this design out and a co-worker from work bought it for me as a gift, I don’t know the exact website she had me go on.

Little Giraffe Baby Blanket: Love this little baby blanket, it has satin all around it and it’s so soft. I got it in the color sage. $38.00, used a code when they had a sale and think I paid close to $24.00!

Stuffed Animals in Bed: I will attach a link for some of the animals, you can find so many online. They are called Jellycat!

Wall Shelf: I needed something to put the baby monitor on, so I got this little shelf. It goes perfectly with his nursery! It’s on sale right now for $14.99.

Let Them Be Little Frame: From one of my fave stores, Kerr’s in Montgomery. I don’t remember how much it cost but they have the most gorgeous home decor items there!

Artificial Plant with Metal Base: I got this in the artificial plant section in TJ MAXX, they always have random plants there so I grabbed one when I went one day. If I had to guess it was $12-14.00!

Mom & Baby Figurine: I got this as a gift from my grandma and love it so much! It fit perfectly up on the shelf! $40.00

Curtain Rod: I love the industrial look of this metal curtain rod, it was just what I was looking for. $25.99

Curtains: These are pretty thick curtains but I wanted black out ones so I could cover the window when Major sleeps during the day. $19.99

Curtain Holdbacks: I got these to keep the curtains out of the way when Major isn’t sleeping and to allow for natural sunlight to come in. They are in the color pewter to match the curtain rod I got from Target! $19.99

Changing Table: Also from Kerr’s in Montgomery, it was exactly what I wanted and I found it at when they were at a market. I can’t remember the exact price but I want to say between $350.00-$400.00!

Artificial plants on Changing Table: Kerr’s again, can’t remember price at all honestly but they have such cute home decor, and I couldn’t help myself lol.

Baskets under Changing Table: TJ MAXX, again! Love their different baskets they sell! $7.99

Metal Boxes on Changing Table: These are SO cute, they are the watch boxes you get from Fossil. My best friends worked there and brought a bunch home when their store did a remodel, and they thought it would go perfect with his nursery, which they did!!

Changing Pad: I got a pretty inexpensive one from Amazon, it works well with my changing table too! $17.99

Metal Trash Bin/Basket: I got this from Hobby Lobby, I plan on using it for a trash bin by the changing table. $12.49 on sale right now!

Blanket Ladder: Stephen and I got this in a antique shop in Gruene, but you can google blanket ladder and find some similar. We got this one for like $20.00! I’ll link one close to this! $59.99

Side Table: Home Goods for the win! I wanted little baskets to put things in and this was about $40.00! They never have the same stuff when I go in, so just go look around and I am sure you can find something close to this!

Metal & Wood “M”: The M is obviously for Major and is a cute accent piece for his side table. $14.99

Table Lamp: Love this Edison bulb lamp, it’s perfect for the nursery and gives it an industrial vibe. $34.99

Shelf with Metal Baskets: Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to this shelf. It gives it a locker room look with baskets for baseballs, big league chew gum, a football, etc. And then under it has hooks for a baseball glove, jersey, hat, etc. $59.99 on sale!

Glider: Found this on Amazon, love the brand. And it’s perfect for what we need to rock Major back to sleep at night or relax with him during the day! It’s pretty comfy and easy to assemble too! $299.00

Baseball Figurine: Super cute and inexpensive little batter for the top of his shelf! $17.99

Welcome to the Dugout Sign: This was a prop at my baby shower #2, but you can find it here!! $7.49 on sale!

Toy Box: Love this because it’s collapsible and super cute! They have several designs! $24.99

Camo Duffle: I got this made at the Nutcracker Market, I will link the shop info! I think with monogram it was $42.00.

Metal Circle Shelf: Got this from my favorite home decor place in Pearland, Rustique!! Check them out! I think I got this for about $40.00! I will link the store info!


I hope you find some cute things for your nursery or enjoyed just seeing where I shopped! I had a BLAST putting his nursery together, it couldn’t be more perfect!

If there’s anything else you want to know or have any questions, comment below or contact me on Facebook here.




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