Must Have Baby Items


Here it is! My “holy grail” of all things baby. My favorites so far of things I have actually used for Major and a one thing I am dying to try!

Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottles– These weren’t originally on my list, however I was having a very hard time with Major spitting up a WHOLE bunch, like basically vomiting and these nipples have a bit of a smaller hole than the Dr. Browns, so it made him slow down to drink it and helped prevent a bunch of air getting through while he tries to eat. I love them!! $24.99 for a 4 pack on Amazon

Mylicon Drops– Get these ASAP. If your baby ever gets super fussy and starts acting like he/she has a lot of gas or gas pains, give them this. It seriously has helped me in desperate times. $8.99 on Amazon

Boon Lawn Drying Rack– I just love the look of this and have the accessories to hang nipples and extra pieces on. It adds a little fun to your counter tops and does the job just fine! $19.45 on Amazon

Dirty Kids Soap Diaper Rash Stick– This brand is AMAZING. They make lotion sticks, lavender oils to calm babies, defender oils to help when baby is sick, bath bombs, hand sanitizers and more! The diaper stick is awesome because you can just swipe it on without having to get diaper rash cream all over your hands, under your nails, etc. Plus it works amazing! $6 for one stick

Soothie Pacifiers– Everyone loves these and Major is no exception, he gets fussy sometimes and this helps when he wants to be soothed. Plus they are so inexpensive you can buy a couple packs because I promise you will lose a couple. $3.69 for a 2 Pack on Amazon

Hatch Night Light– So I ended up buying this the second night we got home from the hospital after a horrible night of no sleep with Major. I needed a white noise machine and I loved that this one could be controlled by your phone and had colors/options for you to choose from. Plus I heard good reviews. He’s done AMAZING now that I use this and usually sleeps very good at night now. He loves the tv noise it makes! $59.99 on Amazon

DockATot Deluxe–  Love love this thing! It is easily portable so you can take it with you when you travel for baby to sleep in or nap in. You can put it basically anywhere you need it and are able to easily watch your baby sleep. Plus it makes them feel comfortable and safe like in the womb. Major naps in it and lays in it to watch football with his daddy. $195.00 on Amazon

Rock N Play– Major LOVES this. I mean loves. He naps in it all the time. It rocks back and forth, is reclined and also plays music. You can buy battery operated ones or ones that plug into the wall. You can even just use it for your baby to nap in without the rocking or songs. Its also easily portable because of the fold up button. They range in price on Amazon but I am just linking one like ours. $54.99 on Amazon

Mamaroo 4– A little different than the Rock N Play, this has different motions that you can set it on like a car rode, swing, kangaroo, etc. Plus you can control it with an app on your phone and it has Bluetooth capabilities and an MP3 plug in. Major likes this when he’s in a great mood but when he’s fussy he doesn’t love it as much as the Rock N Play.

Graco Pack N Play– This is the best pack n play! I have this right next to my bed and Major sleeps in the bassinet at night and I can change him in the middle of the night on the diaper changer. He also naps sometimes in it but he really loves sleeping in it at night and it’s very soft inside the bassinet. Plus when he gets older he can play in the bigger area and take naps in it too! $159.99

Lily Jade Diaper Bag– I saw these first on Instagram, they have the most GORGEOUS diaper bags I have ever seen. This was one of my “splurge” items for myself, Stephen actually bought this for me for my birthday! It comes with a changing pad & little insert bag that I actually turned inside out to use to store SO much stuff inside of the bag! Plus you can turn it into a backpack which I love! $305.00

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle– I literally suck at swaddling with a regular swaddle blanket. I have gotten better in the past couple weeks but these are just so much easier to use especially at night when you are trying to change the baby and swaddle him/her back after. It zips up then you just tuck the arms in with the Velcro! Super easy and Major loves it. $21.99 on Amazon

Sleep & Play Outfits– Major basically lives in these. They are the easiest things to put on him and change him during the day and at night. They have footies and the little mittens you can pull up & over on the sleeves. I love the ones Carter’s has and the Baby Breez ones are way more expensive but super soft and comfy. I’ll link the Baby Breez here. But Carter’s always has deals on these and you can get them pretty cheap! Baby Breez- $29.99, Carters- $9.00

Bundle of Joy Erin Condren Book– This is the HOLY GRAIL for people who thrive on routine and organization like me, lol. It has pages for doctor visits than you can write notes on. It has pages for questions you have asked your doctor and their response so you can turn back to it when you can’t remember what the doctor had said. There’s tons of pages that you can document the time they feed, if they went #1 or #2, if they played, if they slept, and notes for each entry. I keep track of when Major eats so I can track how often and how many ounces he drinks every day for the doctor. If he spits up a whole bunch, is super fussy that day or goes #2, I also write that in there so I can tell the doctor if I have concerns or any questions. It’s honestly the best gift ever, I would give this to a first time mom in a heartbeat. $12.00

Solly Wrap– One thing I didn’t get or have on my registry was a soft wrap to use for Major. And he’s so small the one I have doesn’t work for him anyways. I went online and searched for the best ones, as well as asked around. These are supposedly super soft and after looking at the tutorial they provide, looks super easy to put on. They have many colors and they all are super cute. So, I ordered this today to try to help when Major gets fussy and wants to be held a lot so I can still do things around the house without just having to sit down and hold him all day and my arm getting super tired. $65.00

Hope this helps you figure out some stuff you might need, but just remember every baby is different and what my baby likes, yours might not like!







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