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Motherhood Is…

Motherhood is….

1. Forgiveness- forgiveness for not knowing every thing even when you feel like you SHOULD know, for hitting your infants head on a door by accident (oops, just me? Well I already cried a lot longer than he did about this one),  for your husband when he is even less sure than you on how to help and all you want to do is scream at him, for your baby for only being able to communicate with crying, for your toddler who may or may not be the devils incarnate, for your middle school child who just hit puberty and is a bit of an asshole and your teenager who defies all reasoning & sanity.

2. Grace- to be a mother, you have to have grace or poise. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel, scream & say “life isn’t fair and this sucks” and you can’t. Because you’re the mom. You’re the glue. You take care of everyone in the family and they NEED you. So you pull yourself together, put on your big girl pants and go cry in the shower…. (jk). You make motherhood your b***h!!

3. Challenging- Gosh if this isn’t the truth. From the day you come home from the hospital until your child is 18 (and even after) you face so many challenges. You grow WITH your child.

4.  Patience- You have to be patient. Take me for example, I was patient all day while Major screamed randomly during the day because he needed to poop and couldn’t. I wanted to tear my hair out because every time I got him to sleep he’d wake up to scream because he was trying SO hard to poop and couldn’t. So you know what this patient mom did? Bicycle legs & pushing his legs in to try to get him to poop. Still didn’t work. Then my dad & his fiancé Jen come over and bam, he craps his pants like it’s effortless. Or when you tell your child not to do something and they look right at you and do it anyways like “yea right mom, you’re not the boss of me”. You have to take a deep breath and then scream “YOU’RE TESTING MY PATIENCE”! But hey, we are all a work in progress 😉

5. Sacrifice- when you become a parent, everything is a sacrifice. Your time, your money, even your patience (haha). You sacrifice things you might of done before or bought yourself so you can buy your child things they need or even things you just want for them because now your whole world is revolving around them. If you’re like me, you sacrifice your dinner. If you’re a mom, you know what I mean. My child already has an alarm clock. Every night as I go to eat dinner, it just so happens to be the time he decides he’s hungry again and screams his head off until he gets his food (he’s his dads kid y’all) or he decides to just cry and wants to be held. My dinner is now almost always cold by the time I get to eat it or wasted completely because I end up getting so hungry I lose my appetite entirely (that’s a real thing)!!

6. Balance- even though it may be rare, motherhood needs to be balance. You need those days where you drop your kids off with grandma or a baby sitter or the hobo across the freeway (okay maybe not the last one) and just get to have YOU time. You need balance to be able to collect yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself and relax. It’s also balance for your relationship with your husband or partner. You have to take those date nights, those hours after the children go to bed and just be together. Because those times go few & far in between. Soak them up while you can and make sure to nurture your relationship! It matters just as much as your kiddos!

7. Chaos- probably the best one yet. I am probably a nightmare for my pediatrician already. As a new mom my whole life is chaos trying to figure out everything and worrying about every single thing. I thought I’d be a “chill mom” but I’m not for now. As he gets older I’m sure I will relax but right now I am messaging my doctor almost every other day with questions and concerns lmao. I’ll take Major to a store just really quick so I can grab something and he decides that’s the time he wants to poop, eat & cry all at the same time. Then other times he’s a perfect angel. I change his clothes 2-4 times a day because he’s a “happy spitter” and likes to spit up after almost every feed (this is also due to his reflux, poor little man). When I finally get him to nap, then Amazon comes up to door to deliver a package and the dogs start going crazy and barking and Major startles awake (smh)! Chaos, pure chaos. But I love it at the same time.

8. Love- the most important one. The love you have for your child triumphs all the hardships. All the good times shine way brighter than any sleepless nights or fussy baby. The love you can clearly see in your child’s eyes when they look at you, whether they are 1 or 18. The love you create for your family and have for your spouse for being a superhero and helping you every day “parent” your children. Love makes it all worth it. And I LOVE motherhood.





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