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It’s Okay Mama

Motherhood is tough.

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Motherhood Is…

Motherhood is.... 1. Forgiveness- forgiveness for not knowing every thing even when you feel like you SHOULD know, for hitting your infants head on a door by accident (oops, just me? Well I already cried a lot longer than he did about this one), ¬†for your husband when he is even less sure than you… Continue reading Motherhood Is…


Must Have Baby Items

  Here it is! My "holy grail" of all things baby. My favorites so far of things I have actually used for Major and a one thing I am dying to try! Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottles- These weren't originally on my list, however I was having a very hard time with Major spitting up… Continue reading Must Have Baby Items


The Truth of Motherhood

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked. Not only that, I was a tiny bit scared and REALLY excited. I for a long time as a teen thought I wouldn't want kids. I have a very nurturing, maternal personality. I love taking care of people and feeling needed. However, I just… Continue reading The Truth of Motherhood

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Major’s Nursery

So, I have put this off for awhile because it's taken me literally until today to feel like his nursery is complete. I have added and taken down so many things it's ridiculous. But here is the final outcome of Major's nursery and I'll leave ALLLLL the details below on where I got everything for… Continue reading Major’s Nursery


Holy Grail Skincare Routine

Okay, "holy grail" may seem a little extreme to people who don't have very many skin problems. But since about 15 I had breakouts allllll the time, I had to cover them up with makeup daily and I had the WORST habit of picking them because I just wanted them off of my face (sometimes… Continue reading Holy Grail Skincare Routine

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July 2018 Faves

Hair: L'ANZA Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo- This shampoo is amazing. It smells good and has really made my hair so much more healthy and strong. I know it's a bit pricier than going to a drug store and getting shampoo. However, if you spend a good amount of money getting your hair colored, then… Continue reading July 2018 Faves


Things You Shouldn’t Say/Do to a Pregnant Woman

I knew once I announced I was pregnant that there would be many people telling me things about pregnancy, babies, etc. Many people have been SO supportive and so excited with me. Some people are just like "oh you're pregnant, congrats" and move on with their life and some people have had negative things to… Continue reading Things You Shouldn’t Say/Do to a Pregnant Woman


June Faves 2018

      Skin Care Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion- I really like this. I thought when I looked it up online it would be thick more like a lotion, however it's actually liquid and you mix it up before you take a few drops and rub on your face where you are having breakouts. It's… Continue reading June Faves 2018